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Spectre and Meltdown burst onto the scene in early 2018 and vendors have been scrambling to deploy patches. But we are not close to eliminating this 20-year-old vulnerability and new variants continue to emerge. According to the researchers who discovered Spectre, “it is not easy to fix, it will haunt us for quite some time.”

Business must, of course, go on but ignoring elephant-in-the-room threats is never wise. Solutions are emerging that look deeper into processor caching and memory usage, and selectively limit speculative execution, without recompiling code or hobbling performance.

Join security experts from Virsec for a deep dive into how Spectre works, the latest variants, the limitations of current patches, and how to disrupt attacks without a performance hit.

Live online October 31, 10:00am PDT

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Presented by
Satya Gupta, CTO; Willy Leichter, VP of Marketing, Virsec Systems