Capital One Experiences Third Largest Financial Hack from AWS Insider

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The Hacker Gave Herself Away While Others Missed It for Months Capital One Financial Corp, the world’s fifth largest credit card issuer, now has the dubious distinction of being the third largest financial hack victim in the US. Spots one and two are held by Equifax’s 2017 breach of 143 million consumers and Heartland Payment [...]

Along with $5B Fine, FTC Hands Down Privacy Controls for Facebook

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11 days after the fine, new guidelines announced which Facebook says will require structural changes All who’ve been wondering for over a year what Facebook’s penance would be for its Cambridge Analytic violation finally have answers. News of Facebook’s $5B fine came out a couple weeks ago, followed by a list of security guidelines announced [...]

FTC Fines Equifax up to $700M for 2017 Data Breach

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Long-Awaited Fine of $700M Also Imposes New Security Rules The last couple weeks have brought big news from the FTC as they’ve handed down large fines to some really big firms. Recently they fined Facebook $5 billion, the largest fine to any firm ever. This week their fine dropped on Equifax, with the minimum fine [...]

FTC Approves Record $5B Fine for Facebook

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Facebook’s Looming Fine Not Posing a Dire Worry to Them Many companies if they received a $5 billion fine would be looking for a bankruptcy attorney. But Facebook was expecting this and for them, it’s barely more than a drop in the bucket. Facebook’s annual revenue in 2018 was $56 billion. The forecast for 2019 [...]

6 Reasons Why Encryption Back Doors Won’t Deter Criminals

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Law enforcement, the government, and high-tech companies erupt in disagreement – and private citizens are caught in the middle Washington DC has recently revived a long-standing debate about encryption. Every couple years something causes the issue to erupt again. People’s view shift and law enforcement has expressed increasing frustration during events the last few years [...]

Trump Administration Debating Encryption Crackdown

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The encryption battle between government agencies, law enforcement and high tech companies continues To Encrypt or Not to Encrypt, That Is the Struggle Reporting from last week’s National Security Council meeting in Washington DC shows us the encryption argument continues. White house officials debated whether to pursue legislative action from Congress that would block tech [...]

Microsoft’s Familiar Refrain: Disable Macros to Avoid Malware Campaign Running FlawedAmmyy Trojan

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SC Magazine, June 25, 2019, with comments from Satya Gupta; A fully patched Windows PC can spread malicious malware functions via Excel attachment Microsoft issued a warning about malware that runs a remote access Trojan, triggered by an Excel attachment. The attachment spreads a macro that’s in turn runs the Flawed Ammyy remote access Trojan [...]

Summer Breach Season Claims Canadian Credit Union

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Credit Union Times, June 24, 2019, with comments from Willy Leichter; The credit union reports “an ill-intentioned employee” swiped data of 2.9 million members. Based in Lévis, Quebec, Desjardins is Canada’s biggest credit union. One of the world’s largest financial institutions with 7 million members and 46,216 people on staff, they manage $295.5 billion annually. [...]

Through a $40M LockerGoga Cyber Attack, Norsk Hydro Keeps its Good Reputation, Fights Back

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From Execs who were transparent and employees who gave their all to get systems back online, Norsk Hydro sets a rare stellar example This spring, the LockerGoga, a new ransomware, struck industrial and manufacturing firms, bringing to them great devastation. Aluminum manufacturer Norsk Hydro was among many and was particularly hard hit in March. Most [...]

Dark Web Becomes a Haven for Targeted Hits – Buyers and Sellers Conspire to Carry Out Malicious Crimes

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Dark Reading, June 10, 2019 with comments by Ray DeMeo; Malware on the Dark Web is increasingly customized to target specific organizations and executives. The Dark Web is a demented shopping center where people can buy or sell any number of wicked and malicious products and services. Whatever an ill-minded individual can think up and [...]