Maze & Other Ransomware Groups Say They Won’t Attack Hospitals During COVID-19 Outbreak–But How Trustworthy Is Their Word?

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Even as threat actors announce temporary cease-fire on healthcare & medical facilities, we’re still hearing of attacks.  On Wednesday March 18, the Maze ransomware gang made this commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic. It comes when hospitals, urgent care facilities and other health agencies are strained and stressed to maximum levels. Medical facilities have been an [...]

Organizations Especially Vulnerable as CyberAttacks Exploit CoronaVirus OutBreak

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It was only a matter of time before hackers exploited the coronavirus pandemic for nefarious gain. Certainly others are coming but one primary attack has occurred this week against the US government. Another happened previously but was announced this month against a consumer-based organization heavily impacted by the COVID-19 virus. US Health and Human Services [...]

New Details Emerge on the Ransomware Attack Against Epiq Global

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Ransomware Hit Against Epiq Attacks Web & Managed Services The ediscovery and web service firm was struck by Ryuk ransomware last week, forcing it to take its systems offline. Ryuk is known for its destructive crypto-ransomware, where it encrypts its victims files, thereby blocking access until the victim caves to the ransom demand. If the [...]

Maze Ransomware Attacks Surging in 2020, Demanding Ransom, Exposing Stolen Data

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FBI issuing repeated warnings In early January this year, the FBI released increased warnings about Maze ransomware attacks. As a ploy to steal data, cybercriminals are pretending to be government agencies or security vendors. And they've been extorting victims beyond ransomware demands. The Maze hacker group has been active and gaining attention since in November [...]

Malware-Ridden Email Campaign Targets U.S. Gov Agency

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A malware downloader named Carrotball emerged in a malicious email campaign; source could be linked to the Konni Group APT Several strains of malware struck a US government agency through spear phishing emails. The attack campaign, “Fractured Statue,” went on from July to October and used six different malicious document attachments. They came from four [...]

Virsec 2020 Cybersecurity Predictions

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Read Virsec 2020 Predictions doc Hang on Tight as the Cyber Roller Coaster Accelerates Last year we asked you to fasten your seatbelts. In 2020 we suggest you also carry an air sickness bag, because security turbulence is only getting worse. As an industry, we’d like to believe that our hard work in tackling security [...]

The Warning Is Out: Prepare for Cyber Attacks from Iran, Especially ‘Wiper’ Attacks

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Wiper attacks make ransomware look mild After the US launched a drone attack that resulted in the death of Iran’s top military general a few days ago, Iran promised vengeance against the US. On Tuesday of this week, Iran made good on their vow with a military strike on air force bases in Iraq, inhabited [...]

Essential Though It May Be, Cyber Insurance Is a Cold-Hearted Friend

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The millions companies spend on R&D is a positive investment that’s going into the future of the company. Buying cyber insurance is a negative investment, a necessary expense to compensate and brace for the necessary evils out there. But while a company welcomes a certain amount of security a big cyber insurance policy brings, it [...]

In 2019, the Year of Rising Ransomware, Ryuk Wields its Own Unique Nastiness

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Ryuk – pronounced “r-ee-y-oo-k“ – is originally the name of a character in a popular Japanese comic book series, and also appears as that character in the anime and manga series “Death Note.” A demon of death, it’s fitting that the Ryuk name describes a nasty piece of ransomware circulating around the web. We’ve seen [...]

Ransomware Strikes Louisiana for the Third Time in Recent Months;
33 US States Hit This Year

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Map of 245 ransomware attacks across 33+ states, to be updated as attacks continue. Last Friday, Louisiana again announced another “cybersecurity incident,” later confirmed to be ransomware, this time striking the city of New Orleans. The city’s mayor announced a state of emergency, cautioning the cyber attack could result in harm to city property. City [...]