GreyEnergy Spy APT Mounts Sophisticated Effort Against Critical Infrastructure

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Threat Post & Journal of CyberPolicy, October 19, 2018, with comments by Ray DeMeo; Most people in the cybersecurity space remember BlackEnergy, the advanced persistent threat (APT) responsible for attacking and shutting down electrical grids in Ukraine in December three years ago. Now BlackEnergy has an architecturally similar and more modern successor, GreyEnergy, that’s emerged [...]

China inserted surveillance microchip in servers used by Amazon and Apple, report says; Apple and Amazon strongly refute claims

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Last week, the Washington Post published an article about a Bloomberg Businessweek report claiming China has inserted spying chips into US motherboards. Nearly every day since, the story has updated with more information and the players strongly speaking out against the claims. The heart of the story is Bloomberg’s claim that while computer hardware was [...]

Facebook is under the spotlight yet again for another huge data breach—this time affecting many other apps and sites you’ve logged into

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50-90 million Facebook accounts and likely millions of others As though having our Facebook accounts hacked (again) in a huge data breach isn’t bad enough, now hearing that many other of our apps – Instragram, Tinder, Spotify, airbnb and on and on – could also be affected is all the more unsettling. When setting up [...]

The Equifax Breach – Security One Year Later

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Here we are a year later since that gloomy day, September 8, 2017, when Equifax announced the breach and theft of information belonging to 143 million American people, and others in the UK and Canada too. Were you impacted? Ranked the 4th Worst Breach of All Time The Equifax breach made headlines around the world. [...]

With Apache Struts, Never Throw Caution to the Wind

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Framework vulnerabilities continue to emerge. Even if you are on top of Apache vulnerability patching, your website could still be in jeopardy if it was developed using the Apache Struts 2 Framework. A new related patch was recently announced. And as we saw with Equifax, many organizations are not on top of patching. Today more [...]

Could Russia Shut Down US Electric Grids?

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The announcement from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) at the end of July that Russians had again attacked US electric grids raised a new round of alarms. It’s not the first time Russia has been caught breaking into US utilities. Now it looks like they’ve gone deep enough to be able to cause disruptions [...]

The Evolving Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

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Watch Usama Fayyad's video version of this blog Protecting Against CyberThreats Becoming increasingly Challenging We are living in a world that’s becoming increasingly challenging in terms of protecting against and avoiding cyberthreats. Not only have we seen tremendous growth in the scale of these attacks, but also in their variety as they have managed to [...]

Changing Our Approach to Security

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Watch Troels Oerting's video blog The Threat Landscape In recent years and months, we see the global threat landscape dramatically evolving for critical infrastructures and businesses. Cybercriminals operate with no barriers or limitations, both in their creative approaches and attack methodologies. Helping their efforts is a list of nation states, bringing some of the world’s [...]

Spectre rears its ugly head with SpectreRSB

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Just because you close your eyes to the matter doesn’t mean it will go away. Yet, as well spoken of in the media, many people are sticking with their “see no Spectre” approach and keeping their fingers crossed. With the first wave of news and hype, a patching frenzy was ignited, but attention quickly shifted [...]