Tech Companies Cool Toward California Consumer Privacy Act

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Security Boulevard, July 24, 2018, with comments by Willy Leichter A tough new privacy law has passed in California, taking effect January 1, 2020. It’s the new California Consumer Privacy Act and it will give consumers more control over their personal information, including that they will be able to request details on how their personally [...]

DHS gives more details, including unclassified info, about electrical grid attacks by Russian agents

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Brilliance Security Magazine & Search Security, June 26, 2018, with comments by Ray DeMeo; This week’s announcement of attacks marks yet another round of break-ins into US utilities and electrical grids by Russian hackers. Viewed with increasing alarm, the Department of Homeland Security is offering utility providers an awareness briefing on Russian activity against critical [...]

Application attacks demand new security approach

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Computer Weekly and Journal of Cyber Policy, July 24, 2018, with comments by Satya Gupta; Applying security software updates is an ineffective way to deal with application layer cyber attacks and businesses should change their approach, security experts advise. Despite security updates being available, two groups have begun large-scale attacks on an Oracle WebLogic Server [...]

Russian Hackers Breach US Utility Networks via Trusted Vendors

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WSJ, GreenTech Media, IS Buzz, Journal of Cyber Policy, ECT News and the WSJ, July 24-25, 2018, with comments by Ray DeMeo; Hackers accessed confidential information, including equipment in use and how utility networks are configured. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Russian hackers broke into the U.S. electric grid last year in [...]

Spectre Will Haunt Us for a Long Time

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Threatpost, 7/23/18, guest article at Threatpost by Willy Leichter; Just as the issues underpinning Spectre started a long time ago – going back to the first Intel Pentium processors developed in 1995 – the problem we now face as a result will stretch forward for a long time as well. Users have blissfully been benefitting [...]

Spotting The Breach: What Are The Indicators Of Compromise?

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ITSP Magazine, July 18, 2018, with comments by Shauntinez Jakab Are businesses missing the signs of cyberattacks? One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is knowing how to detect a breach when they’ve been breached versus finding out about it days, weeks, months or even years after the fact. The signs are not always [...]

Polar Flow Fitness App Exposes Soldiers, Spies

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ECT News, July 10, 2018, with comments by Willy Leichter; Polar Flow has suspended its website API for their military fitness app, at least for now, once it came to light that a great deal of military personnel’s user information was being exposed. While the company claims no private information was breached and that most [...]

WebAssembly Changes Could Ruin Meltdown and Spectre Browser Patches

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Threatpost, 6/27/18, with comments by Satya Gupta; WebAssembly (Wasm) modules improve executive speed and can be used to compute-intensive tasks. Though it doesn’t replace JavaScript, Wasm is more efficient and often used with it. A future feature in Wasm’s roadmap – threading in shared memory – brings more efficiency and speeds things up even more [...]

CBI Insights Names Virsec 1 of 29 Startups with Potential to Transform Cybersecurity

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CBI Insights, an analyst firm, has published its objective annual list of “29 Startups with the Potential to Transform Cybersecurity.” Virsec is one of just two vendors who provide solutions for Fileless Attack Security, a category that's seeing increasingly alarming threats. Their chart describes fileless attack security as “the future of fighting malware on endpoints [...]

Virsec ranks 93 in Cybersecurity Ventures 2018 list of 500 Hottest Security Companies

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Cybersecurity Ventures, June 13, 2018; Cybersecurity Ventures has recently published its 2018 Top 500 List of the world’s hottest and most innovative companies in cybersecurity. Virsec takes spot #93 on the list. This list comes alongside the publishing of the Official 2017-2018 Cybercrime Report which clearly demonstrates the tremendous threat cybercrime is to businesses, to [...]