Kaspersky’s latest report reveals cyber threats to industrial systems in H2 2018, but underplays real threats its own systems fail to detect

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Kaspersky’s latest report reveals threats to industrial systems in H2 2018, but underplays real threats its own systems fail to detect A new Kaspersky’s report* shows nearly 1 in 2 industrial systems bear evidence of attempted malicious break-ins. They say their own (Kaspersky) solutions detected over 19.1K modifications of malware and their Kaspersky Lab ICS [...]

Memory attacks get security pros’ attention

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Watch interview SC Media, Teri Robinson, interviews Willy Leichter with Virsec about memory attacks TR: Today people seem to be becoming more aware of memory attacks. Is that right? WL: I think they are. I saw a recent stat from Microsoft. Someone in a conference admitted that something like 75% of their vulnerabilities were around [...]

9 disruptive security plays from RSAC 2019

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RSA 2019 just finished last week, showcasing the latest cybersecurity technologies meant to tackle the increasing threats that continually plague organizations. Given the enormous and rising number of cyber breaches, it’s evident number of cyber threats is far outweighing the number of effective solutions. Right from the start, it’s not a level playing field. Companies [...]

MY TAKE: Memory hacking arises as a go-to tactic to carry out deep, persistent incursions

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The Last Watchdog, by Byron V. Acohido, March 4, 2019; with comments by Satya Gupta In his article last week, Byron Acohido discusses how memory attacks have become a powerful new class of hacking method that sneaks past conventional IT security systems. Byron reports that companies have spent $216 billion on security products and services [...]

New Ursnif Bank Trojan Uses Fileless Infection To Steal Passwords & Remain Undetected

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isBuzz, Information Security and Security Week, January 28, 2019, with comments by Ray DeMeo Fileless Ursnif Trojan hits unsuspecting banks A new Trojan variant called Ursnif is hitting banks, sneaking in under the radar and stealing users’ passwords and credentials. Researches wrote in a blog post that the Trojan uses a "fileless persistence, which makes [...]

Shutdown Ramifications: It’s Affecting Contractor Staff Recruiting & Gives a “Welcome Mat” to Hackers

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Washington Exec and CBS News, January 18, 2019, with comments by Ray DeMeo Starting to Hurt Contractor Staff Recruiting, Retention In the midst of the ongoing government shutdown, those of us observing from the outside can clearly see the government is suffering from myopia. Each of the parties involved sees their own perspective with crystal [...]

The Biggest Cybercrime Threats of 2019

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E-Commerce Times, January 11, 2019, with comments from Satya Gupta Cybercrime is becoming so costly it’s well on its way to becoming more profitable than the global trade of all major illegal drugs combined. And it’s costly to organizations. By 2021, it’s estimated that cybercrime will cost the US $6 trillion, double its cost 4 [...]

Virsec Honored with Two 2018 ASTORS Homeland Security Awards

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American Security, January 7, 2019, with comments by Ray DeMeo Virsec has been recognized by American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program, the 2018 ‘ASTORS.’ The Virsec Security Platform, was selected as the 2018 Gold ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner for Best ICS/SCADA Cyber Security and the Silver ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner for Best IT Intrusion Detection & Prevention Solution [...]

Cyber Extortion Email Threatens Bombs Across US, Causing Widespread Panic

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As targeted victims faced cyber extortion demands for bitcoin, police departments forced to respond to bomb threats On Thursday, from New York to San Francisco, businesses, universities and news agencies across the country received emails trying to extort bitcoin from them to prevent the release of videos of a compromising sexual nature. Often in such [...]

Equifax breach report highlights multiple security failures

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Search Security, December 12, 2018, with comments by Satya Gupta; An Equifax breach report, based on a government investigation, blamed the incident on multiple security failures and concluded the breach was preventable. Equifax's own accountability in their data breach After a 14-month congressional investigation into the Equifax breach, the US House Committee on Oversight and [...]