SHARED INTEL: How ‘memory attacks’ and ‘firmware spoilage’ circumvent perimeter defenses

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Listen to podcast What does Chinese tech giant Huawei have in common with the precocious kid next door who knows how to hack his favorite video game? The former has been accused of placing hidden backdoors in the firmware of equipment distributed to smaller telecom companies all across the U.S. The latter knows how to carry [...]

Virsec Speaks About 1.2 Billion Records Found Exposed Online on Unsecure Single Server

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ISBuzzNews, November 24, 2019, with comments by Willy Leichter Last week’s news revealed 1.2 billion records were exposed in an online data leak, residing all on one unsecured server. The Elastisearch server was discovered on October 16 by Dark Web researcher Vinny Troja, while searching for other leaks with colleague Bob Diachenko. The exposed data [...]

Iran’s APT33 Hackers Are Targeting Industrial Control Systems

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A well-known and active Iranian hacker group is targeting the physical control systems used in electric utilities, manufacturing, and oil refineries. Security researchers have been observing the APT33 hackers shifting their targets from IT networks toward critical infrastructures, leading them to wonder if they are considering cyber attacks that would cause serious disruptions. If so, it [...]

Data Breach Fines: Are They Working to Boost Consumer Safety?

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Threat Post, November 7, 2019, with comments by Willy Leichter Organizations have paid trillions in breach fines, yet the count of compromised companies, data and people keeps rising As data breaches continue to be a daily event, security experts and executives are looking for ways to stop the trend. In the past five years, breaches [...]

Hacker Accessed a TransUnion Canada Web Portal & Pulls Consumer Credit Files

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Journal of CyberPolicy and Information Security Buzz, October 8. 2019, with comments by Satya Gupta A hacker illegally stole and used a customer’s login credentials to access the TransUnion web portal. They then used this access to pull consumer credit files of up to 37,000 Canadians. The breach took place between June 28 and July [...]

Virsec Receives Cyber Catalyst Designation

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Marsh announced that Virsec Security Platform® was one of the seventeen designated Cyber Catalyst solutions for 2019. Many cyber insurers convened to identify 150 product contenders, of which 17 were designated. Download datasheet (no registration required) Virsec Security Platform (VSP) stops fileless attacks and in-memory exploits that escape detection of other security options. Filess malware, [...]

From ITSP Magazine, “A Their Story At Hacker Summer Camp”: Willy Leichter tells Virsec’s story on Solving Complexity in CyberSecurity

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ITSP Magazine’s guest on 8/28 in Las Vegas was Willy Leichter, Vice President, Marketing, Virsec Systems Listen to Willy tell Virsec's story now Solving complex technological problems these days is far from simple, but it’s important to offer solutions that are manageable for organizations to deploy. This is especially true in the cybersecurity space. With [...]

Massive Biometric Data Breach Creates Chaos for MSSPs

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Channel Futures, IS Buzz News, August 14, 2019, with comments by Willy Leichter Israeli researchers working for vpnmentor, a VPN review service, discovered a massive leak in a biometrics system broadly used in 1.5 million locations globally. Two researchers at the firm found a flaw in a database belonging to Biostar 2, a biometrics lock [...]

Campus Life Security story: Why School Systems Have Become Major Targets for Cyberattackers

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Campus Life Security, August 13, with comments by Saurabh Sharma. School systems have recently become major targets for cyberattacks because of the multitude of personal information they have paired with improper security protection. School campuses are an increasingly in the sites of cyber attackers, including those making ransom demands. Two districts were among those recently [...]

ROUNDTABLE: Huge Capital One breach shows too little is being done to preserve data privacy

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The Last Watchdog & TechNewsWorld, July 29 – Aug 1, with comments from SatyaGupta Capital One Financial Corp, the world’s fifth largest credit card issuer, now has the dubious distinction of being the third largest financial hack victim in the US. Spots one and two are held by Equifax’s 2017 breach of 143 million consumers [...]