CISA Warns Critical Infrastructure Sectors After Ransomware Successfully Attacks Pipeline Operator

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SC Media, IS Buzz News, February 19, 2020, with comments by Saurabh Sharma; A natural gas compression facility had to shut down this week after being hit by a ransomware attack. The DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is now warning operators to step up security. As is often the method, the attackers placed a [...]

Virsec Recognized With 9 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards – 5 Gold & 4 Silver

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Virsec Awards Range from Application Security & Memory Protection to ICS/SCADA security & Most Innovative Company, and More The 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are intended to honor individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. Awards were given in the following categories: 2020 Cybersecurity Professional Awards 2020 Cybersecurity Product / Service [...]

Security Guy TV Episode 1486, RSA 2020 Pre-Show Interview with Willy Leichter

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Security Guy TV Host Chuck Harold interviews Willy Leichter with Virsec Listen and watch interview now Chuck Harold: “Hi Everybody. Welcome back to a special edition of Security Guy TV with your host, Chuck Harold and this is Episode 1,486! With my friend Mr. Willy with He’s going to be at RSA Booth #1653 [...]

Should Data Centers Have Common Physical Infrastructure Security Standards?

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If the industry doesn’t formulate a set of standards for securing critical infrastructure, regulators might. Security regulations exist for several industries – HIPAA for medical, PCI for credit cards and payment processing, but nothing for the security of data center physical infrastructure. At least not that’s required. The International Society of Automation IEC 62443 standard [...]

Finalists Announced for Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

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Virsec a Finalist in Nine Categories We are excited to announce that the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards published their official finalists this week and Virsec is a finalist in nine (9) categories. View finalists and categories We’d like to give our sincere thanks to everyone who voted for Virsec! Here are the four award categories and [...]

Secure Network Solutions (SNS) and Virsec Partner to to Deliver Game-Changing Cybersecurity Solutions in India

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US-based cyber security company, Virsec, has announced a new partnership with Secure Network Solutions India (SNS), a Chennai-based company delivering security solutions and services, to offer advanced cyber security solutions to its clientele in India. Headquartered in San Jose, California, with India office in Bangalore, Virsec has been working on new models and research to [...]

2020 View of Cybersecurity Shows Clear & Present Ransomware Danger

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TechNewsWorld, January 10, 2020, with comments by Willy Leichter; Ransomware danger tops the list of cybersecurity threats for 2020. Ransomware is successful because, well, it’s successful. Enough victims cave to the demands to make it worth the attacker’s continued efforts. The more victims they find, the more money they extort and we're watching the cycle [...]

U.S. Businesses Brace for Impact from Iranian CyberAttacks

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Channel Futures, Journal of Cyber Policy, Clearance Jobs, January 10, 2020, with comments by Ray DeMeo; Experts believe cyberattacks from Iran are highly likely now that tensions between the US and Iran are so high. While every business must up its game in heightening security, some industries face a bigger risk than others, such as [...]

In App Development, Does No-Code Mean No Security?

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Dark Reading, January 8, 2020, with comments by Vinay Mamidi No-code and low-code development platforms are part of application development, but there are keys to making sure that they don't leave security behind with traditional coding. The appeal of the no-code and low-code trend in application development is pretty obvious. It offers greater ease of [...]

Say Goodbye to Windows Server 2008 – and Hello to Azure?

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DataCenter Knowledge, IT Pro Today, Channel Futures, January 10, 2020, with comments from Satya Gupta Microsoft is ending support for the popular OS, sparking key security concerns In just two days on January 14, Microsoft is retiring Windows Server 2008 and other platforms. Even though Windows 2008 has been around for over a decade, it’s [...]