Own a Mac, PC or smartphone? A major security flaw means you need to do this now

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USA Today, January 5, 2018, comments by Atiq Raza; Any owner of Mac or Android phones and computers: Install your updates and patches A security flaw has been discovered in Intel, AMD and ARM chips and every major software company is pushing out security updates, including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Just about every modern [...]

You may not know much about the companies exposing your personal information. But they know a lot about you.

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The Washington Post, December 19, 2017, comments by Atiq Raza; The Bleeping Computer, December 19, 2017, comments by Atiq Raza; Unsecured Amazon S3 Bucket Exposes Details on 123 Million American Households. Another day, another data leak. Despite data collection and analysis being a multi-billion dollar business, data security doesn’t seem to be an area where [...]

Zogby/HSB Findings That 3rd Parties Are The Top Risk Factor For Data Loss, And 1/3 Of US Companies Were Breached In The Last Year

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Information Security Buzz, December 19, 2017, comments by Ray DeMeo; As reported in the new survey by HSB and Zogby this week: Nearly one third of US businesses were breached in 2017 Other key findings show these risk factors: 47% = third-party vendors and contractors are the leading risk factor for data loss 21% = [...]

Why Uber’s flaunting of disclosure laws should ignite security regulations

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The Last WatchDog, November 27, 2017; article by Byron V. Acohido, comments by Willy Leichter; Uber’s choice to come clean about their breach cover up right before Thanksgiving didn’t keep the news from getting attention before the holiday or after. Their action of bribing hackers and trusting that would ensure their stolen data would be deleted [...]

Uber Once Again on the Hot Seat, Covering Up a Breach & Ignoring Notification Laws

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SearchSecurity, November 22, 2017; Comments by Willy Leichter For awhile now, Uber customers have overlooked a growing number of the company’s sins. To name a few, this month the state of Colorado fined Uber nearly $9 million for allowing its employees to drive customers even though the drivers had serious criminal records and driving violations. [...]

AVGater abuses antivirus software for local system takeover

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SearchSecurity, November 15, 2017; comments by Satya Gupta; A Proof of Concept Exploit Demonstrates Hackable Vulnerability A security researcher in Vienna, Florian Bogner, has recently discovered a “proof of concept” exploit that’s affecting multiple anti-virus products and has the power to completely take over a system. Such proof of concept exploits carry out attacks on [...]

What is the cyber kill chain? Why it’s not always the right approach to cyber attacks.

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CSO Online, November 7, 2017; comments by Maria Korolov. Cyber attackers follow a series of steps when perpetrating their attack plan. First, they might perform reconnaissance where they evaluate which companies could be the most advantageous targets. Then they might use approaches such as spear phishing to go after a specific person or group of [...]

You Must Remember This: Memory-Based Attacks Are the New Battleground

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SC Magazine, October 30, 2017; by Willy Leichter, VP Marketing, Virsec; Now, even B-Grade actors have easy access to cyber warfare tools created at the nation-state level The multitude of recent cyberattacks have a number of things in common: they are sophisticated, multi-pronged, use fileless techniques, and target applications at the memory level – largely [...]

DHS, FBI Warn of APTs Targeting U.S. Energy, Nuclear, Water, Aviation Sectors

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Search Security and other publications, October 24, 2017; Atiq Raza & Satya Gupta comment on DHS, FBI APT warnings; The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an alert on Friday, October 20, stating that an advanced persistent threat (APT) group -- called Dragonfly in a September report from Symantec -- has targeted government entities and [...]

Patching the Iron Tail Is Easier Said than Done

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Cyber Defense, October 10, 2017; Willy Leichter contributes article to eMagazine While Patching Is Best Practices Approach, Some Organizations Have Complex Reasons for Delaying In our new reality of a new hack every week, if not every day, it’s easy to want to find someone to blame. An easy place to point a finger is [...]