The cloud is profoundly changing the way applications are deployed and managed, and it forces us to rethink security. As you outsource network infrastructure the security battleground moves from traditional perimeter to directly protecting your applications. Gartner has highlighted this shift and defined a new space of Cloud Workload Protection Platforms (CWPP) and included Virsec. This space recognizes that server workloads in hybrid environments require a different protection strategy. For example, Gartner has stated that “signature-based, anti-malware scanning provides little value for most server workloads.”

Virsec was built for the cloud and protects applications in any environment – cloud, container, distributed or hybrid. Virsec is ideally suited to protect cloud-based applications because our protection is application-centric and travels with your apps to any environment. In fact, Virsec robustly meets more Gartner-defined CWPP capabilities than any other vendor.

Easy Deployment to Cloud and Containers

Virsec deploys at cloud speed. Because we’re platform agnostic, Virsec works seamlessly with clouds, containers, and hybrid systems. Our comprehensive web-based UI lets you manage security from anywhere.

Moves and Scales With Your Apps

Because Virsec protects at the application level, it easily moves and scales with your applications, so you can fully leverage the flexibility, scalability and elasticity of the cloud and containers.

Precise Detection and Protection

Virsec works in micro-seconds alerting your security teams and stopping dangerous attack the moment something suspicious takes place within an application. Alert levels and protection actions can be configured based on attack types for complete flexibility.

Preemptive Patching

Regardless of your state of patching or vulnerability detection, Virsec protects applications in runtime with near 100% accuracy. This effectively removes the risks from known and unknown vulnerabilities and lets you patch on your timetable.



Case Study

Raytheon and Virsec Partner to Guard the Grid



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