White Paper: Efficacy Test of Virsec Security Platform Caffeinated Networks2018-11-19T23:04:00+00:00


by Caffeinated Networks

Caffeinated NetworksA trusted name in IT networking and security, Caffeinated Networks (CN) performs unbiased third-party testing of a variety of IT technologies and solutions to ensure efficacy in functionality and performance.

Independent testing by CN typically covers a range of topics including:

  • Deployment
  • Migration
  • Validation of key capabilities
  • Efficacy of performance and security

This report summarizes testing of the Virsec Security Platform performed exclusively by Caffeinated Networks.

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Virsec correctly identified all 15,000 custom SQL injection techniques.

Virsec was able to detect all Path Traversal attempts regardless of the encoding and protocol prefixes.

The Virsec platform had an unwavering detection mechanism for XSS.