Today’s healthcare ecosystem is getting larger, more connected and collaborative. More stakeholders, newer personal fitness devices and IoT driven apps are bringing in large amounts of data in varying forms. The need for multi-data access, exchange and analytics, in a compliance-laden environment is driving higher security risks than ever.

Cyber attacks are getting more prevalent – 90% of healthcare companies were slammed by data breach in the past 2 years. And, they are getting more complex – Ransomware is emerging as a newer form of advanced attack where sophisticated hackers use hard to detect memory corruption techniques to lock systems. An average cost per hack mounts to $2.2M and an unplanned downtime drains $7,900 per minute. Costs are not just around ransom, security reinvestments, compliances, litigation, settlement, market share erosion or brand loss. It goes much beyond, costing a life.

Virsec addresses the unique security needs of payers, providers and healthcare ISVs by offering comprehensive application protection all the way from sophisticated indefensible memory attacks to web attacks at near 100% accuracy.


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A Deterministic Platform To Defend Against Fileless, Memory-Based Cyber Attacks



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