In Today’s Environment of Everyday CyberThreats, How Can We Out Smart the Attackers?

Listen to interview from Black Hat 2018

Most every day we can read about another business falling prey to a sophisticated cyberattack and its customers suffering through another compromise of their data. Most businesses think it won’t happen to them – until it does.

Not all companies are targets, but not all malware specifies a target. ICS/SCADA facilities is especially vulnerable and particularly among targeted technologies. If you’re skeptical, listen to this interview and learn about the stealthy signaling technologies attackers use (such as pulsing cooling fans) to get at data. You’ll also hear about innovative endpoint defenses that can be effective against these attacks.

Gathered at Black Hat 2018, Julian Zotti with Raytheon & Willy Leichter with Virsec discuss the challenges and innovative solutions.

Listen to interview from Black Hat 2018

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