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As we near the midpoint of 2019, we’re taking a look at our past and future predictions–we invite you to share your feedback.

Data breaches have cost companies over $50B over 5 years. In a 12-part blog series, we predicted 12 areas of rising threats for 2019, from WAF shortfalls to cyber insurance court battles and more.

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EternalBlue Reaching New Heights Since WannaCry Outbreak

Powering other bad acts–NotPetya, BadRabbit, Trojans, spyware & ransomware attacks–EternalBlue exploits have reached hundreds of thousands daily. Despite Microsoft patch, millions of machines remain vulnerable, mainly in US, Japan & Russian Federation.

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7 Steps to Better Secure Your Data in the Cloud

Two researchers found an unsecured database, hosted on MS’s cloud platform, with 24GB of the personal info of 80 million US households. As the cloud market booms, so do data risks.

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How ‘Memory Attacks’ Have Become a Go-To Tactic for Executing Deep Incursions

By Byron Acohido, The Last Watchdog

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