Virsec’s Different & Effective Approach Against Cyber Threats Today

SecurityGuyTV, July 26, 2017

Cyber attacks these days are on a entirely different plane than ever before. But in large part, our arsenal of defensive tools is still operating in the days of yesteryear.

What’s changing in the nature of today’s cyber threats? 

Hackers are increasing using what’s being called fileless attacks, so named because they don’t place a virus or malware files on the victim’s system. Instead, they launch their attack from the computer’s RAM memory. This makes it much harder (virtually impossible) for anti-virus signature-based solutions to stop these attacks because there’s isn’t a known signature to even look for. Often these attacks are zero-day exploits and come out of the blue.

Listen to Willy Leichter’s interview with SecurityGuy TV, live streamed from BlackHat 2017. He describes Virsec’s deterministic approach, which is highly effective against fileless, memory-based attacks and has a near-zero false positive rate. He describes how the solution works using a Google map analogy. Virsec’s efficient process is designed to catch an attack before it is known or even has an identity or name – and before it can do damage to your system.

When asked what keeps him up at night, Willy told SecurityGuy TV: “The amount of money, sophistication and organized crime behind the hackers is certainly frightening. It’s a full-on skillful war that’s not a fight against a hacker in a basement. Everyone on the security side has to up their game. We’re all on the front line. It keeps us busy.”

Watch Live Stream Recording of Virsec Interview at Black Hat 2017