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Gartner Market Guide Calls Memory Protection a “Mandatory Capability”

Learn about the emerging space of Cloud Workload Protection and Gartner’s latest recommendations, calling memory protection “mandatory” and warning that applying conventional endpoint solutions to server workloads is risky.

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LockerGoga Ransomware Slams Industrial Firms in Europe, Could Hit Anyone

LockerGoga combines ransom demand “negotiations,” aggressive disruption and total system lock out. It continues to devastate industrial and manufacturing firms. Later strains have been even more damaging than the initial rounds.

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Security Tech Tip

Why Companies Need an Application Memory Firewall

Most security tools are blind to process memory, stopping the known threats and guessing at the rest. This blind spot is being aggressively targeted by attackers with fileless techniques that bypass conventional tools. Learn how an application memory firewall can detect what other solutions miss.

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Making Applications Truly Self Defending: Nine Ways that Virsec Fills Gaps in RASP Security to Deliver Full-Stack Application Defense

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