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Cybersecurity a bumpy ride for 2020

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Virsec 2020 Cybersecurity Predictions – Hang On Tight as the Cyber Roller Coaster Accelerates

Our new predictions document highlights 10 significant trends we see continuing and accelerating in 2020. These predictions range from the rising risks of nations battling on the cyber front, expanding threat of ransomware to critical infrastructure, state government, healthcare, high tech companies and more, to election fraud and more.


RSA is Coming Up Soon and the Virsec Team Can’t Wait to See You There!

We have big plans lined up, including exciting news, live demos, & global security experts talking about highly relevant information, such as how advanced security can help with cyber insurance.

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Virsec Nominated for 9 CyberSecurity Excellence Awards – Voting Open Just Two More Days – Vote Now!

Virsec is nominated for 9 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, with just a couple more days of voting time left! You’re invited you view the awards and vote for as many as you wish by January 31. Colleagues and coworkers welcome to vote!

Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company: Virsec
Cybersecurity Professional of the Year: Atiq Raza, CEO, Virsec
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Prepare for Cyber Attacks from Iran, Especially ‘Wiper’ Attacks

As 2 nation states spar, cyber attack threats rise. Iran launched two past devastating wiper attacks before, making ransomware look mild. Experts warn it is likely to happen again.

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Gartner Market Guide Calls Memory Protection a “Mandatory Capability”

Learn about the emerging space of Cloud Workload Protection […]

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