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A New Approach Emerges to Runtime Application Security
RAMP goes beyond WAF and RASP | Ovum Research Note

New research from analyst firm Ovum: Virsec’s Runtime Application Memory Protection (RAMP) compared with legacy technologies like WAF and RASP. Read about current state of web app security, WAF and RASP limitations, and how Virsec protects the full application stack during runtime.

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Ransomware Attacks Rising Against Many Cities, Striking Local Governments & School Campuses

Over 70 ransomware attacks have occurred on US state & local governments this year. 23 towns in Texas recently hit with hackers encrypting victims’ servers after gaining entry through a third-party IT firm. Close to 1/5 of victims choose to pay ransom.

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Capital One Experiences Third Largest Financial Hack from AWS Insider

Others missed Capital One’s ongoing breach for months but the hacker gave herself away. Not before she stole 140K Soc Sec & 1M Social insurance numbers stolen. Organizations aren’t doing enough to protect your data.

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Security Tech Tip

AI – A Silver Bullet for Security It Is Not

We all benefit from what Artificial Intelligence can do but it can’t achieve human thinking. It aids in cybersecurity with things like identifying patterns, but it’s vulnerable to sabotage that can reverse its own benefits.

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