Virsec delivers the only security solution that protects applications from the risks of Spectre and Meltdown without requiring patches, firmware upgrades, changes to source code, upgrading chips or unacceptable performance hits.

Avoid Patch Madness

Manufacturers suggest patching chip microcode, the OS, hypervisors and even your applications. Given the need to test and resolve complex issues for each system update, this can be an overwhelming prospect.

With Virsec you restore sanity while ensuring defense without patching.

Stop All Variants

Available patches lack coverage for all known attacks variants, and new variants will inevitably emerge. Businesses need assurance that complete protection is in place, today and in the future.

Virsec assures protection today and keeps you ahead of evolving threats.

Protect Critical Systems

Critical infrastructure and many business application running on legacy platforms are at greatest risk for attack. Yet chip manufacturers have halted patches for older processors used in closed or isolated systems.

With Virsec you can secure any new or old application without delay.

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Protecting Applications from Speculative Execution Vulnerabilities

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Patching Vulnerabilities Without Compromising Stability and Performance

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