American Security, January 7, 2019, with comments by Ray DeMeo

Virsec has been recognized by American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program, the 2018 ‘ASTORS.’

The Virsec Security Platform, was selected as the 2018 Gold ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner for Best ICS/SCADA Cyber Security and the Silver ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner for Best IT Intrusion Detection & Prevention Solution

The ‘ASTORS’ program is specifically designed to honor distinguished government and vendor solutions that deliver enhanced value, benefit and intelligence to end users in a variety of government, homeland security, enterprise and public safety vertical markets.

Virsec’s patented Trusted Execution™ technology protects any application, patched or unpatched, across the full application stack including web applications, interpreted code, malicious scripts, file integrity, compiled binary code, and process memory – protecting memory usage on a block by block basis.

“It’s very rewarding to be honored for our pioneering work in addressing the important security needs of critical infrastructure and IoT systems,” said Ray DeMeo, COO of Virsec.

“As these systems become connected, they are increasingly at risk, and numerous recent attacks have targeted power plants, water facilities, and other critical infrastructure. Virsec stops these advanced attacks in real-time, before damage is done.”

Trusted Execution is a deterministic way of identifying malicious exploits and attacks based on CPU and memory level visibility of an application’s execution path.

Virsec offers the only application security solution that enables you to close down all vectors of hacking attacks through and around an application. Their “Full-Stack” application protection detects all flavors of attacks, from memory-based to user-borne, browser-based attacks.

Because of its unique approach to security and patented technology, Virsec has been deployed by Raytheon, AVEVA, Schneider Electric, and GHD (global engineering services) in demanding defense and critical infrastructure applications.

Virsec delivers effective defense against today’s most advanced and damaging attacks including WannaCry, NotPetya, Industroyer, Triton, and Spectre.

Virsec’s Two ASTORS Homeland Security Awards Program in 2018

Virsec Security Platform, Gold ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner, Best ICS/SCADA Cyber Security

Virsec Security Platform, Gold ‘ASTORS’ Award Winner, Best IT Intrusion Detection & Prevention Solution

See a 2-minute overview of Virsec’s unique capabilities to defend in realtime again fileless and memory attacks that target critical applications. Courtesy of Virsec and YouTube. Posted on Nov 14, 2018.

Learn More in this brief animated video that explains memory attacks and deterministic security developed by Virsec to defend against advanced cyber attacks. Courtesy of Virsec and YouTube. Posted on Jul 24, 2018.