The state of the art in hacking has moved into memory techniques that cannot be detected by traditional security products. Attacks such as return-to-libc or ROP chain attacks are not stopped by even the latest next generation endpoint product claiming “Zero-Day” detection since these attacks are fileless. Memory corruption attacks have largely been considered the realm of the “indefensible” for their stealthy and insidious profile, until now.

With its Trusted Execution™, Virsec offers the only application security solution that enables you to close down all vectors of hacking attacks through and around an application. Our “Full-Stack” application protection detects all flavors of attacks, from memory-based to user-borne, browser-based attacks.

Web App Attack Protection (RASP Solution) from Zero-Day, File Upload, OS Code Injection, Path Traversal


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A Deterministic Platform To Defend Against Fileless, Memory-Based Cyber Attacks

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