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Web Application Protection

Regardless of how good your secure SDLC processes are, the odds of your remediating all code vulnerabilities internal and external applications are slim to none. Given the high rate of automated web attacks, even a slim opening is enough to get you get hacked. There are many reasons why SQL injection and cross-site script vulnerabilities have been known for over 15 years but are still a key problem, but rather than debate them here let’s just say it’s clear it’s time for a better approach.

Virsec has extended it’s no false positive approach to the web layer and closes down the possibility of being breached through OWASP Top Ten or similar code vulnerabilities. Whether your SDLC process has identified or remediated your application’s code or not, Virsec creates a highly precise shield that detects and blocks web application attacks at runtime with upmost precision. The solution uses the Web Application Protection (WAP) engine to protect your web applications broadly during runtime execution.

Web App Attack Protection (RASP Solution) from Zero-Day, File Upload, OS Code Injection, Path Traversal

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A Deterministic Platform To Defend Against Fileless, Memory-Based Cyber Attacks



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