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Efficacy Testing of Virsec® Security Platform

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Troels Oerting Attacks That Weaponize at Runtime
Troels Oerting of the World Economic Forum on the Next Cyber Challenge, Attacks Weaponized at Runtime

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Winning Against the “Indefensible” Attack
Winning Against the

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Intro to Virsec in 3 Minutes

Today’s cyber threats are worse than ever, and require a new approach to security. Learn how Virsec’s patented Trusted Execution delivers unprecedented accuracy and protection against the latest advanced threats to web servers, applications, processes and memory.


Ensure that Your Applications Do the Right Thing

Virsec understands what your applications should be doing, and instantly detects deviations caused by attacks. Instead of chasing elusive threats, Virsec sees what’s really going on across the full stack of your applications, from web to memory.

Pinpoint Attacks and Eliminate False Positives

Virsec eliminates the guesswork from security. With deep context, code, process and memory awareness, Virsec precisely detects real attacks so you can take action with confidence and stop burning cycles chasing false alarms.

Protect Applications in Vulnerable Environments

You’ll never have perfect code, networks or chips that are free from all flaws. Virsec delivers effective security in the real world, virtually patching applications and ensuring proper execution, regardless of the platform or operating system.

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