Prediction Series #5: Companies have a growing need for the safety net of cyberinsurance – but could that safety net be threatened in court?

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Cyber insurance coverage may face coverage change pending foundational court case In the era we live in today of continual cyber attacks, many companies buy themselves [...]

Prediction Series #4: The many faces of Spectre and Meltdown — More demonstrated attack possibilities increase the likelihood of real attacks

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Though it may seem longer, it was just the end of January of last year that most of us first heard about the twin chip flaws, [...]

Prediction Series #2: Companies are unprepared for cyber attacks that continue to threaten ICS/SCADA systems

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Critical infrastructure vulnerabilities persist In 2018, we highlighted the extreme vulnerability of ICS/SCADA (Industrial Control Systems/Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) networks to cyberattacks. Cyber attacks continue [...]

20 Spectre and Meltdown Attacks Demonstrated So Far and Rising: This Class of Threat Continues in 2019

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Authors: Shauntinez Jakab, Michelle Netten What you should know about Spectre Attacks Branch misprediction is the basis for the attack Attackers leverage the mis-training mechanism Process [...]