Stop Attacks Targeting Industrial Control, ICS-SCADA and Other Vital Systems

Critical infrastructure systems around the world are under assault from targeted cyberattacks seeking to cause damage, disruption, theft and significant financial losses. Advanced attacks like Stuxnet, BlackEnergy, Triton, and Industroyer bypass conventional security and subvert legitimate applications and processes to infiltrate sensitive systems.

Virsec is the first solution to provide ICS cyber security and protect industrial control systems (ICS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and other mission-critical applications at the process memory level. Acting as a memory firewall, Virsec scrutinizes application process memory to ensure that critical applications only behave as intended and aren’t corrupted by advanced exploits.

Trusted Execution™
Stops Memory Abuse

Industrial control systems rely on compiled applications that are complex but should be predictable. Virsec’s patented Trusted Execution maps the correct behavior of any application, down to the memory level, and instantly identifies and stops deviations caused by fileless attacks and fileless malware.

Virsec Delivers Definitive Security
for Sectors Including

  • Defense
  • Government
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power & Energy
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Chemical



 Today’s attackers are persistent and consistently find ways to infiltrate perimeter defenses and access multiple security tiers, even to isolated systems. While stolen credentials or social engineering might be the first step, fileless memory attacks are now the weapon of choice to compromise servers, pivot to other systems and dwell before the ultimate target is reached. Virsec detects and stops these techniques at multiple points, stopping these advanced kill chains immediately, before damage is done.

Critical Infrastructure

Virtual Patching Without Source Code

Many industrial control systems have critical components built on aging platforms where source code or patches may no longer be available. Even with new systems, frequent patching introduces risks that many businesses want to avoid. Virsec is unique in protecting any application, regardless of its patch or support status, and Virsec never requires source code. This provides an effective compensating control for industrial control systems and SCADA security, enabling any application to run safely, even on vulnerable platforms.

No Signatures Ever Required

Conventional security requires frequent signature or policy updates just to keep up with the latest known attacks. This can be problematic to impossible for isolated systems. Virsec never requires signatures or heuristics updates to positively identify any attack, in any environment, even if it’s never been seen before.

Integrated Protection

Virsec detects real attacks within milliseconds but doesn’t stop there. Just as quickly, Virsec takes automated protective steps to stop the attack in its tracks. These surgically precise actions can include terminating specific users, quarantining and restoring files, blocking TCP connections, or integrating with existing network devices to block access at the network level.

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“ The customers we’re working with are seeing advanced attacks regularly. We’re deploying Virsec in mission-critical areas – things that absolutely cannot go down or be hacked, and we’re seeing very good success with their product. ”

– Raytheon