Today’s Industrial Control Systems are marked by a transition from electromechanical and analog devices to digitally inter-connected things. This not only calls for a convergence in IT and OT but also brings with it a series of compliance-laden security risks more severe than ever.

67% of ICS players perceived a severe or high level of threat to control systems in 2016, up from 43% last year. With computer assets running commercial operating systems causing the highest security concerns, nation state actors are deploying sophisticated malware exploit kits at the firmware and device levels. Every nation in every industry is getting exploited through newer Ransomware and Access as a Service tactics. In Ukraine, 60 power stations get taken offline and 800,000 residents left in the dark. Israeli regulator and American utility operator face ransomware attacks. Railway operators in South Korea, Japan and Ukraine face sophisticated cyber attacks. The cost of such a breach is measured not just in terms of lost data and productivity hamper but a safety hazard for employees causing equipment damage that can have a larger community wide impact.

Virsec addresses the unique security needs of critical infrastructure in water, oil, gas, energy, utilities, and aerospace and defense networks by offering a comprehensive application protection all the way from sophisticated indefensible memory attacks to web attacks at near 100% accuracy.


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A Deterministic Platform To Defend Against Fileless, Memory-Based Cyber Attacks



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