Stop Fileless, Zero-Day, and Memory Exploits with the First Application Memory Firewall

You can’t protect what you can’t see – and most security is blind to process memory. Attackers know this and are launching memory attacks like WannaCry, Not Petya, BlackEnergy, Industroyer, Triton, Spectre and Meltdown that run circles around conventional security products.

The Virsec Application Memory Firewall is the first solution to protect memory at the application level. Virsec scrutinizes application process memory to ensure that your applications only behave as intended and aren’t corrupted by memory exploits.

Trusted Execution™
Stops Memory Abuse

Compiled applications may be complex, but they are predictable. Virsec’s patented Trusted Execution maps the correct behavior of any application, down to the memory level, and instantly identifies and stops deviations caused by fileless attacks and fileless malware.

This deterministic approach does not depend on signatures or heuristics to positively identify any attack, even if it’s never been seen before.

Virsec Positively Detects and Stops

  • Zero-day attacks
  • Fileless attacks
  • Buffer overflow attacks & exploits
  • Stack smashing
  • DLL injection & execution
  • Return-oriented programming (ROP), ROP gadgets
  • Side-channel attacks
  • Corruption of configuration data
  • Spectre & Meltdown protection


Virsec works with any compiled application – custom, third-party or unpatched legacy code. As compiled applications are loaded into process memory, Virsec maps the fixed assignments made for each memory transition. Virsec automatically compiles an AppMap™ that compares actual execution with the expected flow. Any deviations in memory usage are positive signs of abuse and memory corruption, which Virsec detects and stops within milliseconds.

Fileless attacks - Memory attacks - Memory-based attacks – Virsec Chart

Real-Time Protection During Execution

Stopping attacks before they execute is guesswork. Stopping them after the fact is too late.

Only Virsec stops attacks during execution, in real-time to keep your applications on track. Rather than endlessly chasing elusive perimeter threats, Virsec positively protects what matters.

Deterministic Process Eliminates False Positives

While other systems use heuristics to guess at what’s going on in your network, Virsec provides unprecedented precision, positively identifying attacks and eliminating false positives. This saves dramatic amounts of time and lets you take immediate action when it’s needed. And Virsec does this without signatures, heuristics, tuning, or hardware conflicts.

Virtual Patching Without Source Code

With today’s complex software stacks and agile development, most organizations only control a small portion of their code. Even with your own code, you simply can’t patch every hole or keep up with the skyrocketing number of vulnerabilities. Virsec eliminates the risks of vulnerabilities for any and all applications without relying on patching, providing effective compensating controls while you patch at your pace.

Endpoint Protection Comes Up Short

Conventional anti-virus (AV), endpoint protection platform (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools can protect personal devices but conventional endpoint protection is no match for the advanced attacks targeting critical enterprise applications.

Virsec is designed to specifically protect complex server or cloud-based applications that are mission-critical for enterprises.

“ Signature-based approaches provide little or no value for server workload protection. ”

– Gartner

Integrated Protection

Virsec detects real attacks within milliseconds but doesn’t stop there. Just as quickly, Virsec takes automated protective steps to stop the attack in its tracks. These surgically precise actions can include terminating specific users, quarantining and restoring files, blocking TCP connections, or integrating with existing network devices to block access at the network level.

Fileless attacks - Memory attacks - Memory-based attacks – Virsec Chart 2

Learn More About Spectre & Meltdown Protection

Virsec provides the only security solution that protects applications from Spectre and Meltdown without requiring patches, firmware upgrades, changes to source code, upgrading chips or unacceptable performance hits.

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“ Memory-based attacks are happening all around us and no one seems to want to talk about it because there hasn’t been a lot of defense against them. Virsec has an extraordinary group of engineers that are leaders in defending against memory-based attacks. These guys are monsters in that. ”

– Schneider Electric