Eliminate Your Security Blind Spot with Runtime Application Memory Protection

Today’s advanced attackers easily bypass conventional security and can strike at your most critical applications when they are most vulnerable – during process runtime. Perimeter security stops only what’s known and guesses at the rest, while EDR tools look for clues after the fact, reacting too late to stop damage. Until now, no tools have been watching how your applications actually function during runtime. The bad actors know this and routinely exploit this blind spot, causing many of today’s most damaging attacks.

Virsec is different. Rather than adding more layers of porous perimeter security, Virsec delivers real runtime protection – making sure your business-critical applications only execute correctly and never go off the rails. If your applications behave, then security becomes manageable.

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Full-Stack Protection – From Web to Memory

Virsec delivers comprehensive protection across the full application stack. While many solutions stop at the Web, Virsec protects interpreted code, binary code, application processes, file systems, and even microcode flaws exposed by Spectre and Meltdown. Attackers don’t stop at the first point of entry and your security solution shouldn’t either.

Application Security Products

Stopping the Unknown Without Guessing

It’s easy to stop threats that have been seen before and attackers know this, constantly modifying exploits, finding new vulnerabilities, and using fileless techniques to avoid repeated detection. While many vendors claim that machine learning, AI or other mysterious tools can predict what’s coming next, this always relies on guesswork and outsmarting equally inventive attackers.

Virsec doesn’t play this game. Rather than guessing, Virsec positively identifies exactly what applications are doing, compares it with what they’re intended to do, and immediately spots and stops rogue execution. This deterministic process delivers unprecedented coverage and accuracy and eliminates the scourge of false positives.

Application Security Products

Trusted by the Most Security Conscious Organizations

Virsec’s unique, patented technology has been adopted by major organizations that have a lot to lose if their applications are compromised. Industry leaders in critical infrastructure, defense, government, financial services, healthcare, hi-tech and more are finding that Virsec can restore confidence in their mission-critical applications. Virsec lets you avoid being victimized by attacks like WannaCry, NotPetya, Industroyer, Triton, BlackEnergy, GreyEnergy, or whatever unknown attacks will strike tomorrow.

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