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Virsec’s Solution Message: Our Unique Approach to Cybersecurity

Delivered by Willy Leichter, this presentation gives a clear written and audio overview of Virsec’s unique approach to cybersecurity and how it provides unmatched runtime application visibility and protection.

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Healthcare Orgs Suffering Higher Than Average Ratio & Rising Threats from Ransomware, Phishing Attacks

As we see the number of cyber breaches increasing daily, the medical field is among the hardest hit industries. 75% of the loss of medical records is due to data breaches from hackers and IT incidents, including ransomware.

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Security Tech Tip

The Existential Crisis of a WAF

If a WAF could think for itself during the first part of a Zero-Day attack, it would be singing the “ignorance is bliss” theme song even as, like a good horror movie, the attack was creeping up on it like a Grim Reaper….

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Paper of the Month

The Ransomeware Epidemic

Ransomware attacks are the biggest cyber threat organizations are facing in 2019. Thousands of organizations, schools, city governments and more have been held hostage. Only Virsec detects, stops and delivers unrivaled protection against these and other advanced cyberattacks.

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Demo of the Month

Protecting Against Snort IPS Attack

Using a fileless in-memory method to sneak malicious code past conventional defenses, this demo shows you how a vulnerability in a Snort Intrusion Prevention System can be exploited by attackers to begin an attack killchain. Virsec detects this attack & responds within milliseconds.

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For qualified customers, Virsec will provide exclusive access to a live, hosted system. The test environment includes the full Virsec platform, hosted applications, and testing tools launching live attacks.

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Virsec Designated Cyber Catalyst by Marsh

Marsh insurance leader announced Virsec Received Cyber Catalyst Designation: Virsec Security Platform (VSP) is […]

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