Virsec can help organizations from all highly targeted industries to lower their cyber security risk and risk of application data breach. It’s unique ability to protect compiled and interpreted code applications with near 100% accuracy is a first in the security industry and is widely applicable across virtually every sector.


Financial Services

Today’s Financial Services industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation. The emergence of FinTech, the evolving needs of the digital consumer and the revolution in technology is paving way for faster digitization.
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Today’s Industrial Control Systems are marked by a transition from electromechanical and analog devices to digitally inter-connected ‘things’. This not only calls for a convergence in IT and OT but also brings with it a series of compliance-laden security risks more severe than ever.
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Today’s healthcare ecosystem is getting larger, more connected and collaborative. More stakeholders, newer personal fitness devices and IoT driven apps are bringing in large amounts of data in varying forms.

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Today’s Government is aggressively gearing up on technology innovation and transformation. Refreshing old systems, ensuring compliance and providing advanced security against criminal organizations and nation-states is driving heavy investment in Cyber Security, up 35% from 2015.

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Tech and Retail

Today’s retail industry is characterized by a customer obsessed, omni-channel approach that unifies online and offline experiences. This calls for re-architecting the application stack to optimize global supply chains, remain compliant and harness customer intelligence.

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Web Application Security

Automate protection with
unprecedented accuracy and coverage

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Memory Protection

The first Application Memory Firewall
stops fileless malware in its tracks

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Critical Infrastructure

Secure mission-critical applications
against dangerous cyberattacks

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