Web Application Security with Unprecedented Coverage and Accuracy

While the complexity of web applications has skyrocketed, conventional security remains far too primitive, difficult to manage and ineffective against today’s advanced threats, prompting many organizations to consider WAF replacements. Virsec changes the web security equation. Now you can have complete coverage that is highly effective, extremely accurate and practical for any SecOps teams to manage.

Conventional Security Comes Up Short

  • Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are notoriously difficult to manage, don’t understand applications and deliver floods of false positives
  • Next Gen WAFs take a similar approach closer to the app but only deliver marginally better results
  • Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) solutions are intrusive, impractical and often require code changes – non-starters for most SecOps teams

Virsec is different. We protect the full application surface with security that is far more effective and precise than any existing WAF or RASP security solution. Virsec makes advanced security practical for SecOps teams, protecting any app without tuning, tweaking or code changes. As organizations contemplate replacing their WAFs, they need a solution that will address the threats they face.

RASP - WAF Replacement - Stop SQL injection – Virsec Chart

Making Applications Truly Self-Defending

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Full Coverage Across the Full Stack

Exacting and reliably on target, Virsec stops the widest range of threats across your full web application stack, including:

  • OWASP Top 10
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • SQL injection
  • Command injections
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Path traversal
  • Carriage Return Line Feed (CRLF) injection attack
  • Java deserialization
  • File system attacks and much more

Virsec applies this security to web apps, interpreted code, web servers, processes, databases and even compiled code that drives backend applications.

Context Awareness and Accuracy

While other solutions give you isolated pieces of data that might indicate a threat, Virsec puts the whole picture together so you can positively stop real attacks. Virsec’s patented Trusted Execution™ technology provides stateful analysis on a per-user basis of complete web transactions, including HTTP and SQL requests and responses across web servers, app servers, and backend databases. Virsec stops threats the first time, without relying on rules, heuristics, or updating signatures.

RASP - WAF Replacement - Stop SQL injection – Virsec Context Awareness

No Guesswork Eliminates False Positives

While other systems use heuristics to guess at what’s going on, Virsec provides unprecedented precision, positively identifying attacks and eliminating false positives. This saves dramatic amounts of time and lets you take immediate action.

Integrated Protection

Virsec detects real attacks within milliseconds but doesn’t stop there. Just as quickly, Virsec can take automated protective actions to stop an attack in its tracks. These surgically precise actions can include terminating specific web sessions, quarantining and restoring files, blocking TCP connections, or integrating with existing network devices to block access at the network level.

Easy to Manage and Highly Scalable

Virsec delivers these precise results out of the box across a wide range of applications, without a lengthy learning, tuning, or ongoing application integration process. Our enterprise architecture scales to thousands of applications, using lightweight sensors at the application level with a centralized analysis and management system.

“ Virsec’s accuracy in detection and immediacy of protection executed stood out. Once the solution is deployed, protections are in place and there is nothing to do – a shocking revelation compared to other products. ”

– Caffeinated Networks Report