2020 View of Cybersecurity Shows Clear & Present Ransomware Danger

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TechNewsWorld, January 10, 2020, with comments by Willy Leichter; Ransomware danger tops the list of cybersecurity threats for 2020. Ransomware is successful because, well, it’s successful. Enough victims cave to the demands to make it worth the attacker’s continued efforts. The more victims they find, the more money they extort and we're watching the cycle [...]

How the November 2019 Monero Supply Chain Hack Was Discovered
And what it takes to block these kinds of attacks

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By now, many people have heard of the Monero Supply Chain Hack, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Some may even understand how a Blockchain (the underlying technology behind Bitcoin) works. If you don’t, I recommend the following video that gives a good description of how this works. View Blockchain video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSo_EIwHSd4 Some quick points from the video: [...]

The Warning Is Out: Prepare for Cyber Attacks from Iran, Especially ‘Wiper’ Attacks

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Wiper attacks make ransomware look mild After the US launched a drone attack that resulted in the death of Iran’s top military general a few days ago, Iran promised vengeance against the US. On Tuesday of this week, Iran made good on their vow with a military strike on air force bases in Iraq, inhabited [...]

Essential Though It May Be, Cyber Insurance Is a Cold-Hearted Friend

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The millions companies spend on R&D is a positive investment that’s going into the future of the company. Buying cyber insurance is a negative investment, a necessary expense to compensate and brace for the necessary evils out there. But while a company welcomes a certain amount of security a big cyber insurance policy brings, it [...]

In 2019, the Year of Rising Ransomware, Ryuk Wields its Own Unique Nastiness

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Ryuk – pronounced “r-ee-y-oo-k“ – is originally the name of a character in a popular Japanese comic book series, and also appears as that character in the anime and manga series “Death Note.” A demon of death, it’s fitting that the Ryuk name describes a nasty piece of ransomware circulating around the web. We’ve seen [...]

ACBackdoor Malware Targets Windows, Linux Users

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A backdoor version of malware, ACBackdoor, is hitting Linux and Windows platforms. Once the malware has compromised the machines, the attackers run additional malicious code and binaries. One security researcher at Intezer has studied ACBackdoor and says about it: "ACBackdoor provides arbitrary execution of shell commands, arbitrary binary execution, persistence, and update capabilities." The malware [...]

The Virsec Story: Game-Changing Application Visibility & Protection

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Virsec's Application Protection Story The presentation below is from a recorded presentation by Willy Leichter, VP of Marketing and Product Management. Willy gives a brief but thorough overview of the state of cybersecurity - from the threats and vulnerabilities organizations face today to Virsec's deep and complete insight and protection. Virsec's unique approach to [...]

1.2 Billion Records Exposed in the Biggest Data Leak in a Decade

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We’ve grown accustomed to seeing data leaks on a daily basis but every now and then one of them is a spectacular doozy. All on one server with 4 billion user accounts involved, the sheer number of records could populate a small galaxy. The only fortunate thing, if anything fortunate could be said about this [...]

Speed to market: Amid a rush to guard the grid, Raytheon finds allies in innovation

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With energy grids under constant threat of cyberattack, Raytheon is getting the technology of small, innovative software firms into the hands of big international customers. The malware that blacked out parts of Kiev, Ukraine, was a ticking time bomb. It slipped inside the networks of electrical substations through a flaw in an obscure device. It [...]

Will Your WAF Know When You Are Compromised?

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In my last blog post “The Existential Crisis of a WAF,” I talked through the consequences of an attack getting through either by a rule not matching, a device misconfiguration, or traffic obfuscation. The latter includes the inability to decrypt and parse the traffic, which was the case with the Equifax breach. I also discussed [...]