Less Than 100 Days Till A New California Privacy Law Goes into Effect

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When It Does, Businesses in Every US State Could Be Affected Every week, the number of data breaches against businesses breaks record numbers. Not only is the number of breaches breaking records, but the quantity of victims in each breach has reached staggering numbers. Facebook breaches alone soar (50 million in one, 540 million [...]

Memory Errors Top MITRE’s ‘Most Dangerous’ List

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With data threats rising, memory buffer errors present the biggest threat to organizations MITRE has released a new list of the Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors, and a type of memory buffer error tops the list, with by far the highest risk score. While many organizations have been complacent about the risks of memory-based [...]

US Treasury Levies Sanctions Against North Korean Group Behind 2017 WannaCry Ransomware

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Lazarus Group and its two subdivisions also sanctioned, all responsible for numerous hacks Last Friday, September 13, the Treasury’s OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) department named three hacking groups sponsored by North Korea, the Lazarus Group and what’s believe to be two of its subgroups, Bluenoroff and Andariel. The US believes all are sponsored [...]

Virsec’s Vaccine Against the Ransomware Epidemic

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Virsec delivers unrivaled protection against the most advanced cyberattacks, including those that attempt to encrypt sensitive data and hold it hostage for ransom payments. By protecting the full application stack at the web, memory, and host layers, Virsec can detect and stop ransomware attacks at the first step before damage is done. Ransomware has become [...]

MegaCortex Malware Strikes Business Networks, Does Damage Both as Ransomware and Disk Wiper

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Different research groups have been studying a new and worsening ransomware, MegaCortex, that’s hitting corporate networks and workstations. After gaining entry, the hackers invade the whole network, infecting it with ransomware via Windows domain controllers. MegaCortex Ransomware Possibly Combined with Trojans In a recent report, Sophos Research relayed that they’ve seen MegaCortex strikes in the [...]

Ransomware Attacks Rising Against Many Cities, Striking Local Governments & School Campuses

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Several states – Georgia, Boston, Maryland, and Texas among them – have become victims this year of nefarious ransomware attacks that left them in desperate straits. The most recent attack in Texas was the worst to date, bringing the total number of attacks to hit US state, city and county government entities to 70 so [...]

In the Face of a Ransomware Attack, Can Your Defenses Prevail?

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As the fastest growing malware threat, ransomware attacks are trending high in the news, targeting organizations and users of all types. In June, two hospital systems began notifying patients and employees of cyber incidents, one ransomware and one a data breach. The state of Texas is the latest state to be hit so far with [...]

AI – A Silver Bullet for Security It Is Not

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has yet to reach a level of thinking, reasoning, and decision-making like humans can do, only digitally. Nonetheless, its benevolence is appreciated in efforts to streamline customer support, improve online shopping, provide auto-advisory, and more. The application of AI is thought to be endless. It would seem it may optimize just about [...]

Patching the Iron Tail Is Easier Said Than Done

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Cyber Defense Magazine, August 13, 2019, by Willy Leichter, Vice President of Marketing, Virsec Challenges with Patching Industrial Control Systems Leave Significant Risk Everyone knows that you should patch your application servers as often as possible. You should also brush your teeth, eat your broccoli and call you mother. But all good intentions aside, we [...]