The Ransomware Tsunami Continues Slamming Healthcare & Banks

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2020 continues to dish out unforeseen difficulties and challenges, many at devastating levels. In the realm of cybersecurity, it’s been no different. In January of this year, during research for a Cynet Breach Protection Report*, cybersecurity professionals were asked to rank threats according to perceived level of seriousness. Ransomware is the second most feared threat [...]

Transcription: Virsec Featured on TechStrong TV

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Watch video interview Speakers: Charlene O’Hanlon, Managing Editor, MediaOps Dave Furneaux, Virsec CEO Charlene: Hey everybody, welcome back to TechStrong TV. I’m Charlene O’Hanlon, Managing Editor at MediaOps. I am here now with Dave Furneaux who is the new CEO of a company called Virsec. Thanks for much for taking the time to talk with [...]

How to Ensure Your Company Is Protected from Ransomware Attacks During a Pandemic

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Brilliance Security Magazine, May 21, 2020, Article by Willy Leichter, Virsec Read full How to Ensure Your Company is Protected from Ransomware Attacks During a Pandemic article.  Ransomware attacks make news nearly every day – they are the fastest-growing malware threat targeting organizations and users. COVID-19 has worsened the threat landscape further, taxing resources in [...]

Lucifer Malware Hits Unpatched Windows Systems with Cryptomining, DDoS Attacks

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Another new malware is on the scene, discovered by Unit 42 security researchers at Palo Alto Networks. Lucifer malware attacks a Windows vulnerability for users who aren’t up to date on their patches. The malware uses brute force attacks, making attempts at guessable login credentials (easy passwords) to invade Windows servers and PCs. Once in, [...]

Most Employees Would Enjoy Working from Home (WFH) Long Term, But Aren’t Fans of Invasive Monitoring Software

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Living through a pandemic is fraught with difficulty, but one thing is clear. For people fortunate enough to have the option of working from home, that is something they do like, at least a good portion of the time. Source: And it appears it works for quite a few companies too. Working from home [...]

New Malware Hides Inside Rogue Virtual Machines

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Data Center Knowledge, June 2, 2020, with comments from Satya Gupta. Security experts identify a new worrisome threat vector, but not all of them agree it has legs. Malware operators are always seeking new ways to infiltrate networks without being noticed. Their latest method of where to conceal their ill-intentioned code is inside virtual machines [...]

New Malware Makes Air-Gapped Data Center Networks Less Bulletproof

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Data Center Knowledge, June 2, 2020, with comments by Satya Gupta An advanced cyber-espionage group is designing malware that can “jump” across air gaps, researchers say. For years, teams have relied on air gapping from the Internet to keep networks protected from cyber criminals and the public Internet. Being gapped from the Web keeps data [...]

Mental Health Awareness Month Highlights Struggles of Working from Home During Pandemic

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Tech Republic, May 29, 2020, with comments by Willy Leichter Companies are constantly looking for new ways to help their employees handle the drastic changes to how we all work.  The month of May was Mental Health Awareness Month and the timing was apropos as the country has faced many challenges, including a major shift [...]

Following in GandCrab’s Big Footsteps, Sodinokibi Ransomware Is Storming Organizations

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2019 was a significant year for…what? Does anybody even remember 2019? 2020 has all but eclipsed most memories of last year. Few may remember that a new treatment became available for peanut butter allergy, or that an albino panda was found in China. But in the world of ransomware, a few things happened in 2019 [...]

COVID-19 & Outdated Software on 83% of Medical Devices Increase Security Risk

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With plates already over-full, the medical community has more than one concern regarding equipment - medical device security. First they’ve had to deal with a lack of equipment. But the equipment they do have has a different problem – a large percentage of it is behind the times when it comes to current software and [...]