At the recent S4 Conference for the ICS industry, Paul Forney, the Chief Security Architect for Schneider Electric, delivered a compelling presentation on how Schneider Electric reacted and took action against the TRITON attack last December.

You can view the full presentation on YouTube.

In many ways, Schneider Electric’s response was a model of how organizations should react to an attack: investigate promptly and thoroughly, be open and transparent about the process, and share the details with the industry.

We also appreciate Paul’s shout-out to Virsec for supporting this response. According to Forney,

“Virsec (are) some of the leaders in memory-based attacks, of which this (TRITON) is one. We’ve been working with them in that field for a while… learning about ROP programming and how to defend against it – these guys are monsters in that.”

We appreciate the ongoing support from Schneider Electric, and the opportunity to work with them to help protect critical infrastructure systems from the recent wave of advanced, memory-based attacks.

View full presentation on YouTube.