Crypto-jacking is often considered the silent killer. Instead of stealing valuable IP, data, or funds, attackers are after CPU cycles. Attacks can persist for months or years, unrecognized, running in the background and consuming processing power. You may think it’s not a danger or exclaim thoughts like: “that’s not bad,” or “no one took anything” or “it’s ok since there was no data exposed or exfiltrated.” In reality, crypto-jacking is something to be taken quite seriously.

The danger of crypto-mining attacks is that someone has a grip on your server. Should the crypto-miner be motivated to wreak havoc or simply awaken on the wrong side of the bed, the miner could easily install ransomware to hijack the systems or a Trojan to steal corporate secrets or execute financial fraud.

Watch a Crypto-Mining Attack in Action

Crypto-Jacking video

This video demonstrates a crypto-mining attack. Watch the video and think about the scale the attack could have amounted to under different motives. With access to an Enterprise environment, an attacker could quickly execute a highly destructive fileless exploit. Companies that aren’t doing enough to prevent crypto-mining attacks may already be at the mercy of a highly skilled actor.

You really can’t afford to ignore crypto-mining attacks. Organizations should be sure to employ these six best practices to minimize risk and identify compromised systems.

6 Best Practices to Lower Risk of Crypto-Mining

1. Always monitor network activity to identify any unusual activity, as compromised systems often reach out to the broader pool it belongs too
2. Leverage anti-phishing solutions that help protect credentials and malicious file downloads
3. Activate intelligent website blacklisting to block known bad websites
4. Make sure all systems are patched regularly and thoroughly to remediate known vulnerabilities and entry-points
5. Update malware defense strategy as well; never use outdated anti-malware or EDR solutions
6. Go beyond intrusion detection to protect servers with runtime memory protection for critical applications and server workloads, ensuring a defense against actors who already have a grip on your server

Watch the Crypto-mining attack video and learn how Virsec helps organizations prevent an attacker from taking hold of servers to exploit CPU cycles. Read more about approaches to identifying malicious attack efforts that bypass conventional security. Understand how full-stack protection lets you evade crypto-jacking and attacks like WannaCry, NotPetya, Industroyer, Triton, BlackEnergy, GreyEnergy, or whatever unknown attacks will strike tomorrow.

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